Frequently asked questions

Q. Does Truetag work like a tracking device?

A. No.

Truetag is not a GPS tracking unit. It is an electronic identification system designed to prevent theft and offers an additional layer of security. It assists in the effective identification of possibly stolen and cloned vehicles.


Q. Are there any activation fees or annual costs?

A. No.

Once the microchip transponders are fitted there are no further costs. The units are fitted for life and require no maintenance.


Q. Am I guaranteed a discount on my insurance?

A. Many Insurance Companies recognise RFID as an effective anti-theft deterrent and where possible will offer discounts.

Some comparison sites do not have the facility to offer additional discounts and it is good practice to telephone your insurer to ensure you are getting the best possible price.

Try Autonet Insurance by contacting 0800 0805295 or quoting Ref 1510.


Q. What if I sell my car?

A. Simply notify us.

Inform us of the the sale by e-mail and once confirmed we can transfer to the new owner.


Q. What happens if my vehicle is stolen?

A. Simply notify us.

Complete the form enclosed on Reporting My Vehicle Stolen and we immediately liase with the relevant Authorities .


Q. Can I protect my other vehicles?

A. Yes!

Simply arrange fitting through our nationwide dealer network who wil be happy to fit Truetag to all your vehicles - even fleets, LCV and commercial vehicles.