Car Theft.

Car Theft

The face of car theft is unrecognisable from five years ago. The introduction of ever more sophisticated alarms and immobilisers have certainly made casual theft difficult and reduced the theft of vehicles by 'joy riders'.

They haven't unfortunately stamped out car crime carried out by professional gangs who are more organised than ever and use increasingly more sophisticated methods to steal, disguise and dispose of cars.

And the easiest way to steal your car is with the key.

In over 75% of detected car theft the vehicle was snatched after the theft of car keys - YOUR keys stolen from YOUR home.

To make life difficult for thieves and to force them to move on to an easier target you need to add an additional layer of security - a visible layer which will deter theft in the first instance and a covert identification system which leaves the cloning of your vehicle virtually impossible and your car worthless to the car thief.






More used vehicles are identified as stolen in the Midlands than anywhere else in the Country, according to research from HPI.

The Company said 19 percent of vehicles undergoing an HPI check in the Midlands have been stolen, closely followed by the North West (16.5%) and East Anglia (15%).

HPI warned used car buyers to be aware of the dangers of buying stolen vehicles, as it reveals around 30 stolen vehicles are uncovered daily by its provenemce checks.

Nearly a third of cars stolen were aged between one and three years old.

"Criminals stealing vehicles and attempting to sell them on remains one of the most serious problems for used car buyers. In many cases, stolen vehicles are cloned, where it's identity is changed to match that of a legitimate vehicle. This makes them appear legitimate, when in reality, they are anything but," said Daniel Burgess, HPi's Automotive Director.