Vehicle Cloning

Vehicle Cloning

Vehicle cloning is identity theft, in which a stolen vehicle assumes the identity of a perfectly legal car of a similar make and model.

By applying counterfeit VIN plates, labels and number plates vehicle clones can be produced which are virtually undetectable by consumers, are not highlighted on car data checks and are often only discovered through comprehensive physical inspections.


They can then be legitimised with a counterfeit V5, or with one of 130,000 blank V5 documents lost by the DVLA in 2006.

In a recent investigation carried out by Donal MacIntyre vehicles worth a total of £13m have been stolen and cloned as a result of the blunder in the last 18 months alone.

A spokesman for the Association of Chief Police Officers vehicle intelligence service told BBC's Donal MacIntyre:

"We are recovering about 10 V5 documents a week and we think there are easily over 120,000 stolen blank documents still out there. It will keep my team very busy, for the next 100 years or so, I suspect"