Truetag Protection

Truetag Protection System

Electronic Protection

Within hours of your vehicle being stolen all original manufacturers' serial and indentification numbers can be easily and permanently erased.

Your car can then be 'cloned' using another vehicles details and often used for other crimes, sold as part of sophisticated money laundering schemes or simply stripped for its high value components. And because there is no original identification the Police find it almost impossible to prove the crime, prosecute the thieves and return the veicle to the true owner.

By choosing the Truetag electronic and forensic DNA system you are securing your vehicle's identity with a robust and permanent solution to ID theft. The highly visable warning decals alert the criminal that stealing your vehicle is too high a risk and gives them no option - move on to an easier target.

Each tiny microchip transponder is individually programmed with a unique vehicle identification code and covertly fitted around your vehicle - creating an invisible electronic fingerprint. Once scanned, the Authorities can immediately confirm the vehicle identity and correct owner.

Forensic DNA Protection

Every application of Molecular Taggent DNA ensures that all high value mechanical and electrical components, sophisticated electronic units, alloy wheels and even dealer fitted accessories can be uniquely protected and identified.   Each molecular DNA bead, approximately 50 microns in size is contained within an indelible red UV dye and visable only under ultra violet light. Spray application delivers literally thousands of identification taggents, which unlike less sophisticated 'microdot' products cannot be removed entirely and makes the task of identifiacation much more succesful.

Manufactured to Laboratory Standards the DNA will withstand extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals and even acid.



Fit Truetag to your vehicle and keep one step ahead of the criminals.