Truetag Plus+

Welcome to Truetag Plus+ . . .


. . . there for you when your keys or wallet aren't!


We all know that loosing, or having your keys and credit cards stolen is both frustrating and upsetting.

By taking advantage of Truetag plus+, you can relax in the knowledge that should this happen, you are only a phone call away from help.

Our helpline is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and our dedicated staff will bring you swift and professional help.

They can also assist you if you require additional keys fobs for your friends or family.                               


Truetag plus+ provides you the ultimate protection

Our package includes:

  • Key Protection

With an incredible £1500 annual cover our product covers ALL keys, whether lost or stolen including Car, Home or Office and includes replacement locks, remote controls and any key reprogramming.

  • All Locksmith charges included

All locksmith charges to policy limit are covered, including call out fees.

  • Credit Card Protection

Register all your credit, debit and store cards with us with one simple phone call. Should you suffer their loss or theft a quick call to us will ensure their immediate cancellation and issuing of replacements.

  • Identity Theft Protection

Our confidential helpline provides first line support and effective measures to help prevent, detect and resolve identity theft concerns.

  • Car Hire, Hotel Accommodation, Phone Ahead

We provide a car if the loss or theft of your keys has left you stranded, or if you prefer we can arrange hotel accomodation. And to ensure no one is left worrying, we make all the calls required to update anxious friends or colleagues.

If you feel this level of protection meets your requirements and needs ask for your upgrade to Truetag plus+.

Refer to your Policy Summary for full details and terms and conditions.