Key Cover


Key Cover


Your policy provides cover in the event your keys are lost, stolen or locked inside a vehicle or your premises. It is important that you attach the key fob to your keys for immediate protection. The cover is provided subject to the Terms and Conditions detailed in your Policy Summary.


Keycover policy benefits:


* Emercency helpline open 24 hours a day, 356 days a year.

* £2500 annual protection for lost and stolen keys including the cost of replacement keys,                        locks and vehicle hire / overnight accomodation.

* Covers the cost of call out charges where keys are  locked inside a vehicle or premises.

* No claim discount on your vehicle or home insurance policy is not affected.

* No excess to pay.

* Fast track claims service.

* A reward of £10.00 paid direct to key finder.

* ALL your keys attached to the Truetag key fob are covered.


How to make a claim when your keys are lost or stolen.

When you discover that your keys are missing:

  • Call 0845 303 0550

  • Have your unique key fob number ready

You will be asked to confirm the circumstances of key loss or theft, allowing us to agree the best course of action.