Identity Theft Assistance

Identity Theft Assistance


New figures from the National Fraud Authority [NFA] estimate that every year in the UK identity fraud costs more than £2.7billion and affects over 1.8million people. [18 October 2010]


At least £1.9billion of this is the amount gained by the fraudster. That means that on average, fraudsters gain over £1,000 from every stolen identity.

Stolen identities are used by fraudsters to obtain a wide variety of goods, services and benefits in the victims' name; to fraudulently open bank accounts and to commit other frauds.

Criminals also use false or stolen identities to help them commit a wide range of crimes, from evading detection by law enforcement to enabling people trafficking and terrorism.

These figures come from the first ever UK ID Crime Strategic Threat Assessment which was completed by the NFA in conjunction with the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau. The £2.7billion does not include loss from newly created fake identities.

Our confidential service helps prevent identity theft and provides a personal care advisor should your identity be stolen.


When you need us we:

  • Provide a confidential helpline run by experienced and professional advisors.

  • Offer free and personal advice on identity theft

  • Assign a personal case advisor to assist you in regaining your identity, repair your credit file and get your financial status back on track.

  • Access to our Identity Theft website which provides advice in avoiding theft, what to look out for, useful contact numbers and answers to frewquently asked questions.

  • CIFAS Registration - CIFAS is a not-for-profit membership association and is dedicated to the prevention of fraud and to the identification of financial and related crime.